Economy and job creation

Economy & Job Creation

PAKISTAN’S economy is vibrant and awaits only the eradication of selfish manipulations and corrupt practices of the ruling elite class. PAKISTAN shall then enter into an exponential development phase.  A mammoth plan for the development of Basic Infrastructure throughout the length and breadth of the country is envisaged.  It shall consist of gigantic construction activities starting from far-flung and backward areas up to bustling metropolitan centers.  We foresee an immediate launch of a Master Plan consisting of hundreds of Dams, Bridges, Canals, Roads, Water Supply Projects, most modern Communication facilities, Power Houses, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Railway tracks, industrial plants and country-wide exploration and mining activities.

It is clearly envisaged that the Grand Infrastructure Development Plan will afford a job opportunity to every workable compatriot.  JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY nevertheless makes a solemn commitment that no job-seeker will be left without a job within a short span of time.  All those not accommodated, or unable to work for one reason or the other, will be the sole responsibility of the Government and will be facilitated in all spheres of life through an integrated and organized Welfare Scheme.

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