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Quran: Sovereign of The Islamic State

Quran: Word of The Sovereign of The Islamic State


We Pledge to honor and obey The Quran. This is The Book in which there is nothing obscure. It is Our Guidance for World Domination. Like the Torah, The Bible and Scriptures, The Quran provides us guidance in every matter of our life.Allah is The Sovereign of The Islamic State and all Authority rests in the Chair of Allah. QURAN PROMISES PEACE through Equal Distribution of Food, Wealth & Comforts of life. Life of Liberty under The Quran is Pakistan’s only hope.

Amir e Jamaat, Asarulislam Syed


Your Leader is a fearless man with a vision for Pakistan. He is unreservedly committed to establish PEACE IN PAKISTAN through Equality and Justice. ‘Quran is the only ideology which guarantees equality, equal opportunity and justice to People. There can be no Peace without adopting these principles of Quran.’ Asarulislam, a scholar of the Quran and a direct descendant of the family of Prophet Muhammad (S) has been an ardent proponent of Quran. His Quran lectures, delivered live from Shalimar Radio, Los Angeles, gave new hope and vision to the Muslims of Pakistan and India. Asarulislam propagates to liberate Muslims from the shackles of Talibani Religion which is medieval Zoroastrian-Judeo-Christianity masquerading under the garb of Islam. ‘Islam is a system of government,’ he strongly advocates.   Phone +1 661-758-0899  California, USA, http://quaideazam.com/asarulislam/

M. Ayaz Khan Yousafzai, VICE PRESIDENT JPP

M. Ayaz Khan

M. Ayaz Khan Yousafzai      Vice President JPP

VICE PRESIDENT of Jannat Pakistan Party, Ayaz Khan Yousafzai lives in Rawalpindi Pakistan.  In November of 2010, when Dr. Asarulislam gave a world wide call  to establish a political party in Pakistan which upholds the principles of Quran, Yousafzai was the first responder to join hands with his leader.   A learned Quran scholar of international repute,  Yousafzai can quote the Quran in almost every sentence that he speaks.  A man of courage and conviction whom Allah  has gifted with a channelized intellect, Ayaz Khan Yousafzai has the vision to reform Pakistan. ‘We have seen the suffering and we have felt the pain,’ he says.  Ayaz Khan Yousafzai is familiar with the grassroots of Pakistan’s political arena. He has seen false leaders who have cheated and brought disaster to Pakistan. Yousafzai truly knows everything that a leader needs to topple the Pharaoh.  He is also the adviser to the President  and is an esteemed member of the Central Council of Rashidoon who form the back bone of the party and serve as advisers on Quran to the President.  The people of Pakistan are indeed blessed to have a such a fearless leader.




GENERAL SECRETARY of Jannat Pakistan Party, Moeen Akhter Sahib  lives in Multan, Pakistan.  An eminent Scholar of the Quran, Moeen Akhter is the Star Pioneer of our Team. Moeen Akhtar was the First Pioneer to lead a Team of activists to start  the DOOR TO DOOR campaign of Jannat Pakistan. It is because of Moeen Akhter and his team—DREAM TEAM OF JPP, that Multan has been lit with the Light of Islamic Rennaisance. “We salute your Team. You have set up a great standard for the rest of Pakistan.”—Asarulislam 

Rana Moeen Akhter 0333-6162606
H/No.53-C-4, Behind Commissioner’s Office,
Ameer Abad, Multan.

CONTACT:  Party Vice President Ayaz Khan Yousafzai 0321 551 0168, or

JPP OFFICE , 99 Mobi Plaza, Haider Road, Near Ciros Cinema, Rawalpindi, Office Phone 051- 430- 4141,

11 thoughts on “Our Leaders

  1. Kay

    The only way you can prove your self to be true muslim patriots is to remove all the muslim shrines from Pakistan and as you have a stalwart in Multan who went from door to door, why doesn’t he go from shrine to shrine to clean Pakistan..

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  2. Muslim

    with due respect when you people starts this party , i dont think so that you people are serious about it this is not the way of leading …….. islam ka naam le rhay ho to apni shakal to nabi pak ki sunnat k mutabiq rakho ….. islamic leader ban rhay ho aur baghair darhi k … tauba tauba
    kuch to khyal kro aesa clean shave islam kis chahiay hoga :/
    ASARULISLAM’S RESPONSE: JPP has a serious political mission. We are not a Theater Company.

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  3. abbasi

    JANAB President Asarulislam Syed, M. Ayaz Khan Yousafzai Mohammed Awais Khan Durrani may sub ka bohat sukar guzar ho jinho nay aj pakistanion ko un ka haq dalanay ka soch liya hay

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  4. abbasi

    President Asarulislam Syed Sahib,
    Mainay aap ki speech soni aur aj yun laga jaysy imaan tazza ho gya hay aaj yo lagta hay jaysy pakistan may INSALLAH nizam MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) aany wala hay ameen

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