10 thoughts on “PARTY CONSTITUTION

  1. chairman.tulip

    Mr. Asarulislam please tell us all the members of your party that which is the constituency area which you take part in election 2013..We must wait for your kind response….

  2. waqarswati

    Election is approaching, the party needs its exposure on print and electronic media in Pakistan. Social networks has its own benefits but it cant reach the people even deprived of basic human necessities, how could they reach the social networks? I am a well wisher of the party please consider my suggestion.

  3. Momi

    Hello sir,

    i appreciate your party and its goals , but as you said u are taking part in 2013 election , i would like to ask whether you are participating on as your own party alone or you are going to have alliance with some other party ? if you are going to fight alone , then i will suggest you that this act will help the anti pakistan cause , as already anti PPP vote is divided ,PPP will take benefit for split of anti-ppp votes in (PTI, Pmln and JI, JPP and so on), you must be a developing party in pakistan but as per fact this is obvious that JPP cannot clean sweep in election as its own alone, for the sake of your greater cause , JPP should alliance with some party , preferably PTI, so that your own vote bank will help to save pakistan, rather than to benefit the anti pakistan lobbies

  4. ashfaq khan

    hw i pool vote for your part in our area means malakand you have not any meber and not have any party name soo hw i can and hw i can do work for jannat party and if i want as memebr party ticket for 2013

  5. Gul wahab khan

    Dear sir, i got extremely deligthed to hear abt ur party and approached ur websit. i got further inspired to study its manifesto and future course of action. i personally think that existence of such parties is cry of the day. particularly in Pakistanwhere there is utter darkness of social, cultural, religious and political nature. May God succeed u n ur kind mission. aameen..
    ur disciple: GUL,lecturer jmc, uop, kpk, pakistan

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