Party Manifesto 2018


Nizam e Askari Zindabad

Nizam e Askari Zindabad

We promise NATIONALIZATION & EXPANSION OF PAKISTAN’S ARMED FORCES. In order to restore Unity, discipline and Faith, we believe in MILITARIZATION of all PAKISTAN. That means jobs for all. Every citizen of Pakistan, every man and woman shall now have full opportunity to serve as a SOLDIER OF PAKISTAN. We shall have NO AGE LIMIT OF RETIREMENT. A person can work as long as he or she wishes to work. WORK TILL ALLAH PERMITS, AND WORK WITHOUT COERCION. We shall increase the strength of Pakistan’s Armed Forces from 700,000 to 150 Million Soldiers. We promise to transform each of Pakistan’s 138 districts into a Corps Headquarter. Pakistan’s total population stands at 187 million. Pakistan is far less populated than India. Our total population is less than the Uttar Pradesh province of India that has a population of 200 million. We promise to Organize Pakistan. We promise to transform each of Pakistan’s 138 districts into a Corps Headquarter. Currently Pakistan Army has only 13 Corps of which 9 are infantry. We promise Total Militarization of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Armed Forces shall be spread across each of Pakistan’s 138 districts. We promise to organize each of Pakistan’s district. Each shall have a work force equivalent to 3000 PLUS Corps of Army. Imagine the productivity of such a disciplined work force. Each District shall be a Corps Headquarter and Food and Resources shall be equally available to every citizen. We promise to transform the People of Pakistan into (Al-Hadeed), a nation of steel, through organization, devotion and an unyielding commitment to a Rule of Law. This can only be achieved by dissolving the present ‘Free Standing Army’ of The British Raj. We need to create a new Army for Pakistan, an Army that shall not rule over its own people but where the people of Pakistan shall rule over their Army.

Mominaat: The Pride of Islam

It shall be an Army where every soldier shall be called an OFFICER OF PEACE. (MOMIN). There shall be no segregation and class discrimination in the ranks of the Army. Every soldier shall be a Commissioned Officer and treated with the same dignity and respect with which the Commander in Chief is treated. All soldiers and their families shall have free access to in-patient and out patient health care. There shall be absolutely no discrimination. There shall be no Officers Class and Sepoy Class. We shall abolish every kind of discrimination. We shall enact Laws to eradicate discrimination. Everybody shall get the same treatment in hospitals. And of course, we promise the highest standards of Healthcare.
Let me assure the critics of Militarization. Militarization is the life and blood of Islam. For 14 centuries we are a Nation that stands in a Military Formation, five times a day. We want to activate this Militarization. It is our core belief that every man and every woman must rise to defend the cause of Allah. To us it means Equality, Equal opportunity and Justice. There shall be no coercion. We promise to establish this system.

MOMINS: Aaye Ghazi

We believe that defending the country against all kinds of internal and external threats is the responsibility of every citizen. We all shall be The Armed Forces of Pakistan, actually participating in all field operations. Our present Armed forces, under directives of the Commander in Chief, shall establish multiple Training Academies like the Pakistan Military, Naval & Air Force Academies on District Corps Headquarter level. We shall ensure advanced Military training facilities at District Corps Headquarter level. Training academies shall offer Long courses and Short refresher courses based on hi-tech warfare training. Every citizen shall be encouraged to participate in these training courses and awarded degrees and certificates accordingly. All citizens shall work under their District Corps Headquarters. With such a trained force, we shall destroy the Blackmailer Terrorists. These trained citizens shall take orders from The Commander in Chief and peace shall prevail in Pakistan.

We promise to give LIBERTY to the People of Pakistan. We promise Liberty from social tyranny, and liberty from feudal lords. We promise liberty from Lawlessness. We promise Liberty from ‘Thana Culture.’ We envision a Great Islamic Pakistan as a first building block for the global community of the nations of tomorrow. There shall be no coercion. EACH CITIZEN SHALL BE HIS OWN BOSS. Each citizen shall be accountable to Allah. There shall be ‘leaders and guides’ but no bosses, no slave masters. This shall mark the END OF BOSS CULTURE and END OF ‘CULTURE OF RISHWAT.’


Brave Mominat of Pakistan

Brave Mominat of Pakistan

We believe in Equality of Men and Women. WOMEN SHALL NOT BE AB– USED AND WOMEN SHALL NOT BE DEPENDANT ON ANYBODY, BUT THE STATE. Every woman shall have an equal opportunity to work side by side with men in every field of life. There shall be no coercion and only those shall work who are willing to work. Regardless of whether anybody works or does not work, The State shall be responsible to provide everybody equally. This is the Promise of Jannat Pakistan Party. Our Government shall enact laws to REHABILITATE, any man that usurps any liberty of a woman that has been granted in the Quran. We shall REHABILITATE abusers of women. Laws shall be enacted with common sense prevailing over dogma which is the principle of Law making in the Quran. WOMEN SHALL NOT BE AB– USED.


We promise FREEDOM TO ALL RELIGIONS AND THEIR RELIGIOUS PRACTICES. We absolutely believe in freedom of all religions and sects. However we believe in a Rule of Law. We shall not permit any religion, sect or party to run a parallel government against the Government of The Islamic State. There shall be One Authority, The Government of Pakistan. No individual shall have the Power to declare a FATWA and any individual doing so shall be tried for Treason against the Islamic State, a crime punishable by death. Muslims deeply realize how the glorious name of Islam and the glorious name of our beloved Prophet Muhammad has been disgraced all over the world because of the senseless FATWAS of these self-proclaimed scholars. We pledge to live by the Kalima Tayyaba (La Ilaha ill Allah Mohammed Ar Rasool Allah) and We believe that there is no other Authority but Allah and the only Lawful Body that can issue a FATWA is the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Quran declares that establishing any political party in the Islamic State is treason against Allah. We shall not permit anybody in Pakistan to exploit Islam to create disorder and lawlessness in the land. Pakistan has had more than enough of barbarity.

We promise FREE FOOD, FREE ELECTRICITY, FREE EDUCATION. We promise that all citizens of the Pakistan shall have free food, free electricity, free education, a life of security, and an equal opportunity to progress and grow. No citizen shall be subjected to COERCION of any kind. We promise the establishment of a model welfare state in Pakistan on the model of the First Islamic State founded by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S) whereby food, clothing, education and all comforts of life shall be equally available, free of cost, to every citizen of Pakistan irrespective of caste, color, creed or religious affiliation. Allah has blessed Pakistan with immense resources. It is the cornerstone of our Faith that all land and resources of Pakistan belong to Allah whose authority rests in the hands of a Government that establishes the Law of Allah. We shall reclaim every inch of Pakistan’s land.

We promise LAND REFORMS AND END OF FUEDAL CULTURE. THE QURAN DECLARES that Land belongs to Allah, the Sovereign of The Islamic State. We believe that every inch of Pakistan’s land belongs to the Government of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and to the people. This is an article of our faith. All land and resources of Pakistan belong to Allah whose authority rests in the hands of the citizens who establish the Law of Allah. Pakistan has enough land to provide proper shelter and earning opportunities for each and every citizen. I have lived on a Farm in California for over 10 years and my neighbors and best friends are all farmers. I have learnt the golden lesson that if you treat mother earth with respect, it will give you everything. Pakistan is blessed and rich. We believe that all citizens have equal rights on the produce from Pakistan’s Lands. No one has the authority to bar people from lawfully utilizing land and resources for the purpose of shelter and earning.




We promise LEGAL REFORMS, NEW CONSTITUTION, NEW PENAL CODE. We believe that grave injustices were done to citizens at every level. These injustices are responsible for the failure of Law and Order in Pakistan. We promise to establish a Modern Islamic State of Pakistan and Our First Step shall be to institute sweeping LEGAL REFORMS in Pakistan. We believe that the present Constitution of Pakistan has absolutely failed to give even the fundamentals of security and peace to the People of Pakistan. We promise to enact a NEW ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION for the people of Pakistan, a constitution similar to the Constitution of Medina, which Our beloved Prophet Muhammad prepared. We promise to deliver a new Constitution in two weeks of coming to power. This new Constitution shall be founded on the Principles of Quran and shall guarantee equality, equal opportunity and justice to all people. We promise Sovereignty of The Quran. Quran shall deliver us from the shackles of the TALIBANI RELIGION that has transformed Muslims into a nation of lepers. As a part of legal reforms, we promise to establish The Glorious System of Ghafoor-ur-Rahim whereby criminals shall be given every opportunity to reform and rehabilitate. We undertake to end forever UNLAWFUL DETENTION OF CITIZENS without a warrant or court order. We shall have a Transparent Policy to handle criminals. Press shall have Free Access to Prisons & Jails. We shall ABOLISH FOREVER the INHUMAN PRACTICE OF TORTURE TO DETAINEES in police custody to obtain confessions or information. We promise that all our citizens shall be treated with respect and dignity by all agents of the State. WE BELIEVE that the only purpose, for which power can be exercised over any member of the community against his will, shall be to prevent harm to others. We believe that opportunities for rehabilitation must never be denied and criminals and wrongdoers be treated with full honor and dignity. The State shall ceaselessly direct its efforts to ensure that every opportunity is granted to criminals and wrongdoers to rehabilitate them, turning them into useful members of the society.
We promise to set up courts to deliver swift justice. We shall reform our judicial system. Judges shall no more serve under fear and a 12 member Citizen’s Jury shall decide cases. We shall update Our Law of evidence under the guidelines of The Quran. THE NEW ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION shall ensure that everybody understands the Law. In addition to the Constitution, JPP promises to deliver a NEW PENAL CODE to Pakistan that shall cover everything from Traffic Laws to domestic violence. JPP shall ensure that all citizens and Law enforcement agencies are educated and made aware of the NEW PENAL CODE. Our Manifesto articulates empowerment of all the citizens, regardless of gender, faith, class or creed to achieve their aspirations for justice, equality, peace and harmony. JPP agenda of resurgence spells out the vision of Great Islamic Pakistan, a welfare state that guarantees, unreservedly and absolutely, all the fundamental rights that our citizens deserve. These include, without reservation, all the rights enshrined in THE QURAN, which promises a life of security and an equal opportunity for every citizen to progress and grow in exchange for living under the Liberty of the Law of Allah. Quran is a manifestation of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty. It promises that JUSTICE SHALL BE FREE. We believe in a system of swift justice. Justice shall be delivered free of cost to all the citizens. We shall enact Laws whereby every human being is treated with King’s dignity and respect and all citizens treated equally. The legal education system will be reformed to raise standards and facilitate higher legal education. Courts will be Free and independent. Judges shall be appointed by the President or designee. Legal system with specific rules and regulations would be introduced at the local level to perform primarily as arbitration forums and as Small Cause Courts.

Jannat Pakistan Party promises sweeping EDUCATION REFORMS. We believe in the doctrine of ‘no child left behind’ and we shall ensure that our children lead the rest of the world in education and sports. We shall enable every Pakistani to attain education and complete their credit hours by means of Internet facilitated higher education. We shall set up ‘fair and impartial’ examination and licensing bodies of all educational disciplines and everybody shall have the opportunity to be what he or she wants to be. Educational qualification shall determine the merit and rank of any individual. Our Mission is to launch an Education Revolution, promote 100% literacy, provide free education, and raising the standard of education in our schools, colleges and universities. All curricula shall be adapted to practical life utility. Every qualified individual shall be best utilized. We promise that every citizen should obtain higher education and reach into positions of leadership. We shall build Sports Stadiums in every Corp Headquarter District. We shall prepare Pakistan for Olympics and 138 districts of Pakistan shall have annual team competitions of all sports. We shall set up football, hockey and cricket leagues with 138 teams competing with one another throughout the year. Women shall be equally encouraged to participate in all sports. Our Government shall enact laws to punish severely any man that usurps the liberty of a woman, which is granted in the Quran. We shall provide ‘treatment’ to abusers of women. WE SHALL ABOLISH PUNISHMENT IN SCHOOLS. WE SHALL ENACT CRIMINAL LAWS AGAINST PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL AB– USE OF CHILDREN. Predators shall be permanently isolated from human society. ( Laanat Allahe ilal Fasiqeen)

Jannat Pakistan Party resolves to establish a CHAIN OF COMMAND. There shall be a well defined organizational hierarchy from the level of Commander in Chief of Pakistan down to the rank and file of Pakistan Army’s ‘Four member Fire Team.’ Every individual shall be assigned a Leader who shall ensure the security of his Officers. We promise to create a society ‘Free from all Fears and Insecurities.’ We believe that Power rests with ALLAH, the Sovereign of the Islamic State. All matters shall be decided by the Parliament in the Light of THE WORD OF ALLAH and AMR BIL MAROOF or COMMON LAW. We promise a TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT. A Television channel shall be dedicated, to provide a LIVE relay of all affairs of Government and EVERY MEETING of the Commander in Chief of Pakistan shall be openly televised. There shall be NO SECRET DEALS with any country. Every Official of the Government and every citizen shall be open to Audit.

We promise PRESERVATION OF NATURE, WILDLIFE AND CONTROL OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. This is a part and parcel of our agenda. We shall develop and utilize alternate energy sources. We promise to construct new Hydro-electricity Dams and utilize Nuclear Power with the same precautions which other countries observe. We promise to develop SOLAR ENERGY as Allah has blessed Pakistan with a lot Sunshine. We promise the construction of METRO RAIL in all big cities. We are determined to revolutionize our energy sector by switching to renewable energy, especially solar energy. We believe that issues like Global Warming will compel mankind to unite and act as One World Government. We envision Pakistan playing a leading role in combating with this most serious issue that besets the future of our planet.

We promise an honorable FOREIGN POLICY for Pakistan based on the Ayub Khan doctrine of ‘Friends Not Masters.’ We know and we believe that People of Pakistan will choose death rather than slavery of any nation. We want to have friendly relations with all our neighbors particularly India. We shall foster renewed relations of ‘deeper understanding and respect’ with the United States of America. Pakistan shares its dream of Liberty with the free world and it is our core belief to develop genuine cordiality and trust between the two countries. That means everybody has to listen, and everybody has to give a little. That’s not easy to do but that is possible. We believe there are a lot of well-meaning people in Pakistan and in the USA. Unless we are passionate about developing a trustworthy relationship, nothing will be achieved.

JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY TICKET FOR ELECTION SEATS shall be given only to individuals who shall declare on OATH that upon election to the office of member of National Assembly they shall forfeit all their family assets and property to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in exchange for living the life of eternal security under the Law of Allah. We promise to restore the confidence of our people through transfer of power to devoted Pakistanis. We are committed to bring a fundamental shift in the way politics is conducted in Pakistan. We shall bring new leaders and minds. We shall not field candidates who have previously failed to earn public respect. The PARLIAMENTARY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF JPP, with its stringent criteria, shall scrutinize all our candidates. Candidates shall be from the ranks of professionals, such as teachers, doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers, businessmen, professionals, etc. These shall be people who have distinguished themselves in their communities by their honesty, selflessness, dedication and professionalism.
We are committed to liberate our society from injustice, inequality, social tyranny, aggression, suppression and oppression. We promise to deliver a socio economic system of equality and equal opportunity and guarantee FREE provisions to all the citizens.
We shall bring an end to KHANDANI POLITICS. We shall not be the party of an individual or a family. We shall give leadership to the people. We shall put an end to the VIP culture by setting examples in simple living and an austere lifestyle.


Political leaders of Pakistan have failed to come out of their almost willful ignorance and avoidance of the problems of Pakistan. But We have a substantial and realistic plan. Living in the United States has taught me: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. So all of you, who are afraid of THE BRICK WALL, do not dishearten us. We have the plan.
We shall register every citizen on our National Data Base. We shall offer a job to every man and woman to serve the Islamic State of Pakistan. We shall encourage individuals to serve in Uniform as PEACE OFFICERS. We shall provide ‘a basic six month short course’ which shall include weapon training. Trained staff of the Pakistan Armed Forces shall provide this course. THERE SHALL BE NO COERCION IN ANY MATTER. Husbands, wives and children shall all be stationed together and their Leader, THE COMMANDING OFFICER shall guarantee to take care of their welfare. We shall abolish the THANA CULTURE and establish Modern Uniformed Police. All administration shall be under the Commanding Officer.
Pakistan has 138 Districts. Each District shall be The Corp Headquarters. Each district shall have a World class Hospital, a University, its Industrial Zones, its Farming and Agriculture, and its own independent administrative setup. These units shall have their field units throughout the district.
Each district shall be divided into several PEACE ZONES of 5000 citizens, each under a Commanding Officer. The Commanding Officer of each peace zone shall ensure adequate utilization of their workforce. All matters shall be decided by mutual consultation and nothing shall be enforced. A Commanding Officer shall be fully accountable and answerable to general public.
All industry and institutions shall work side by side under the leadership and guidance of Commanding Officers. Free enterprise shall be encouraged with no industrialist or capitalist permitted to abuse workers. It will be a mandatory requirement for all Commanding Officers to conduct daily or at least weekly public meetings and discuss welfare related issues with general public. Citizens shall be encouraged to participate in these meetings and no decisions shall be considered valid unless discussed in general public meetings.
Jannat Pakistan Party promises a self- reliant economy. We want Pakistan to be free of dependence on all sorts of foreign aid. WE SHALL ABOLISH INEQUALITY. We shall achieve this by transferring control of monetary and fiscal policy to the nation’s elected representatives. Representatives shall handle a debt free money supply according to the size of GDP and every citizen shall receive a specific amount of share in form of welfare allowance, which will be proportionate to GDP growth of the country. In addition to these regular allowances, the state shall provide all essentials such as food, water, shelter, education, health free of cost. We believe that money should be the servant of humanity and not the master. Money shall be considered as a supporting factor whereas human labor should be the primary means of wealth generation. We shall introduce an ISLAMIC TAX CULTURE based on self-assessment. EVERY CITIZEN SHALL FILE A TAX RETURN. A standard income and taxation scale shall be provided to citizens; however there will be no coercion in tax collection and people will be free to contribute whatever they want. We promise to bring an end to greed and consumerism and replace it with benevolence and contentment where economic activities shall be carried out keeping in mind the mutual benefits of consumers, producers and the state.
My Fellow Pakistanis: Get involved passionately about Pakistan. Stop giving your power away to politicians. We the Jannat Pakistan Party are one of you. Never before in the history of Pakistan has so much hope been shared by the followers of Quaideazam. We have resources and we are committed. Join us. Give your hand in our hand. Do not surrender your advantages. Do not fear the blackmailers. This enemy is the cobra that will stop at nothing. NO APPEASEMENT TO THE COBRA. And above everything else, trust your leader who believes in Allah and accountability to Allah. Ahead of me lies a great honor. This honor is mine today as I stand before you, privileged to address you. It is my earnest desire to lead Pakistan on the Sirat e Mustaqeem, the path of equality and justice shown by The Prophet (S), the path by which Islam emerged as a Super Power, the Path that has made America the strongest nation in the world. Do not give up hope. Hope is Faith. Lastly, to my Christian brothers and sister in the USA I say: DO NO KILL THE MOCKING BIRD.

Together we shall achieve our cherished goal of Peace.

God bless Pakistan and God bless America.


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  1. light seeker

    sir i m 45 years old pakistani..first time in my life i think about islam .sir i agreed with u so i start to preach Ur ideology but i have no awnser when they(molvi sahib)ask me that since 1500 years the only Dr sahib had this knowledge ..they ask me to prove from QURAAN that there were no 5 time prayer in islam.PlZ awnser me..remember that now i m member of JPP.thanx

  2. [email protected]

    Sir I like your spirit but i am not confirmed that you are right or wrong, which a time can describe you. I am straight forward and do not be troubled with any anxieties to ask a reasonable thing. I do not know who is Allah, how and where He is? I believe that Quran is pure and perfect guide to human beings. Because I studied this with my own resources and found different perspective beside available in the market since many years. Sir, to understand you and your ideology completely, I need Quran translated by you. Please send me a copy at [email protected], if you can. Hope you will be succeeded for the betterment of humankind. thanks.

  3. Kashif


    Apk vision ny mje bht mutasir kiya ha. Ma b JPP ka hisa banna chahta hun. Insha.Allah I’ll try my best to workout for my Pakistan.

    Best Wishes
    Kashif Khattak
    Lahore, Pakistan

    1. Asarulislam Post author

      Asaruliislam’s comment: If there is room in Allah’s world there is room everywhere. All Law abiding citizens are welcome. AMR BIL MARROOF–all laws by popular vote and commonsense. We shall not let dogma prevail over common sense.

      1. Murtid

        All law-abiding citizens are welcome, that’s great. But what if the laws Jannat Party enacts are anti-atheist and anti-homosexual? That was what my original question was, that would Jannat Party create a tolerant Pakistan, or well, Zia-ul-Haq’s Pakistan? I’m not trying to be rude, just looking for specific answers. I hope you answer me clearly instead of directing me to speeches. Thank you for your cooperation. 🙂
        ASARULISLAM’S RESPONSE: We ha clarified this so many times that QURAN is night and day difference from Wahabbi ism

  4. sohail chaudhry


  5. Questioner

    a) Only those women who are willing to work. That’s very fair, but what sort of culture shall there be? Will the culture be such that it subtly encourages women to be dependent on men and continue on with the current Arab patriarchal system, or will it encourage free thinking, as well as emancipation of women from the chains of patriarchy?

    b) Religious freedoms for all, very fair. But what about those who choose no religion? Even though Sahih Bukhari says that atheist men and women must be killed and imprisoned for life respectively, still we cannot do so if we follow the great religion of peace i.e. Islam after all, Allah has said that he is the supreme authority and only he can judge people. Moreover he has always urged us to treat everyone with equality and respect as well, and enable them to live in peace so long as they do not harm others.

    c) There is nothing here about censorship. Why, when this is the biggest problem facing Pakistan? As by this logic, people are denied even freedom of religion such as the Ahmadi website which has recently been banned.

    d) Allah tells us to be kind to our fellow man therefore we must treat our Ahmadi Pakistani fellowmen with kindness and respect as well and leave the final judgment to Him and His wisdom on the day of judgment. So will the Jannat Party ensure that the horrible Ahmadi clauses are removed from the constitution?

    e) Will the Jannat Party remove the blasphemy clauses and ensure that no one is murdered wrongfully such as the Gojra incident when our Christian countrymen were burnt alive for the sake of property under false claims of blasphemy?

    f) Will there be a lessening of religious education in schools so that parents have the freedom to educate children on their own brand of Islam rather than bad teachers teaching them misconceptions and making them think Islam is a religion of hate and violence?

    g) Friendship with India is an excellent step forward, but what about the military? Since 1947 it has been the Pakistani military and ISI that has always wanted war with India and has always initiated the war such as in 1965. If the army is to be increased, then how to ensure our friendship with India when we are increasing the numbers of their main enemy?

    h) Where will the funds for increasing the army come from?

    1. Asarulislam Post author

      Dr. Asarulislam has delivered several speeches in English and Urdu that answer almost all of your questions. Briefly: Islam is a system of government whereby the Law of Allah, the natural law, rules supreme; a system of government that ensures no CITIZEN is left behind and every citizen gets equal opportunity to life, liberty and pursuits of happiness. Citizens who embrace this ideology of liberty are called MUSLIMS just as those citizens who pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States are referred to as AMERICANS. In other words, ISLAM is inclusive, welcoming everybody to join in. The New Islamic State as envisioned by Jannat Pakistan Party is most similar to the USA in terms of liberty, equality and emancipation yet several steps higher in its ideals where God as the Supreme authority, guides the law making process of all avenues of life through DIRECTIONS as laid down in the Quran. KAFIROON is a word used in the Quran for CRIMINAL ALIENS—those who do not accept the ideology of the Islamic State. A Christian, a Hindu, an Ahmedi, a Shia, or a Sunni are all free to practice their beliefs and religious rites and, as in USA, they shall all be treated equally under the Law. However executives of the Islamic State—Peace Officers referred to as MOMINOON shall be subject to stringent qualities of discipline, education and self sacrifice. The State is run by the Mominoon. These are the equivalent of Peace Officers, Government Executives, Military and Civil Service employees as in the United States.
      The Quran states that all differences between nations and individuals shall be resolved once they establish a system of Equal Distribution of Wealth and Resources, NIZAM E RABB. Religion or Mazhab is a private matter for all citizen as long as it involves ceremonial celebrations. The Sovereign of the Islamic State—ALLAH does not permit the running of a parallel government by the Priests.—LA SHAREEK KA LAH. “there shall be no parallel Authority to Allah.”
      As regards censorship vs freedom, the New Islamic State as envisioned by Jannat Pakistan shall surpass USA and Europe in its liberties. However sedition will be crushed. Lawlessness will be checked and rehabilitation and reform will be promoted at every level. JANNAT PAKISTAN will lead the world into a new era of paperless money and transactions. The world harkens for abolition of Evil Authority and looks forward to live under the Authority of their Lord—the Law of Allah that guarantees equality, security and protection from all enemies of happiness. There shall be NO MULLAHS IN THE NEW ISLAMIC STATE. Through education compounded with guilt and shame, these monsters will be eradicated. Quran is the only anti-dote against poisonous faith.
      Rubeena Siddiqui, Public Relations Officer, Jannat Pakistan Party.

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