• We shall give a New Constitution to Pakistan abolishing all political parties.  We promise to establish a One Party Government, run by citizens who believe that every citizen is an equal shareholder in the wealth of Pakistan, under the Law of God.

  • We promise to end feudal ownership of the land and resources of Pakistan through establishment of the Law of God.

  • We promise to give “Salam Card” to every citizen of Pakistan and Liberty from Social Tyranny. “THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN WILL OWN PAKISTAN.”

  • Free Food, Social Welfare, Education, Electricity, Healthcare, Equality for all, ALL ON THE PRINCIPLE OF FI SABEEL ILLAH.

  • QURAN IS THE LIGHT, & ASARULISLAM, a humble servant of Allah, The Sovereign of The Islamic State, promises to lead you to glory. LET US RISE AND FOLLOW OUR LEADER.

  • GIVE YOUR HAND IN HIS HAND AND MAKE A CONTRACT WITH ALLAH. Jannat Pakistan shall field candidates for every position . What are you waiting for?

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