Who we are

We are the Party of working classes of Pakistan.

Labor Laws

Quran’s Law Prohibits Labor Abuse

We are a party of laborers, teachers, doctors, engineers, blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, tailors, shoe-shiners and all those who earn with their hands, not with their CAPITAL. Our Party is committed to bring a revolution in Pakistan. No Imran Khan or Musharraf can EVER be our spokesperson. Only Quran speaks for us. Only Quran shall liberate us.

CHILD LABOROur Party is founded on the basic tenets of the Law of Allah as enshrined in the THE QURAN. We cherish an unwavering conviction in The QURAN. QURAN alone provides the Law that guarantees equality and equal opportunity. We have been cheated by everybody but Allah shall never cheat us.

For the first time in the history of our nation, JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY has risen as a Party of the Working Class. We guarantee to deliver basic human rights to Muslims and Christians alike. All human beings are Equal, says The Quran.

Hopeless women of Pakistan

Hopeless women of Pakistan

Daughter of Pakistan

Daughter of Pakistan

  • We are the Yateems.

  • We are the Masakeens.

  • We are the Ibn e Sabeel.

We are The Homeless. We are students who have no security or future. We are the downtrodden destitute of Pakistan who labored as slaves in foreign lands but our contributions never gave any security to our families. Only the Generals flourished. We suffered. We are ready to seize our rights.

We have founded a Party and We have a Constitution. We shall launch an INTERNET BASED ELECTION CAMPAIGN and We shall reclaim Pakistan, lawfully through the electoral process. Allah know how we have suffered. Allah shall be The Sovereing of Pakistan. His Law shall guarantee us equality dignity honor and justice.فریضۃ من اللہ ALLAH PROMISES TO FULFILL HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO MANKIND UNDER HIS LAW.

واللہ علیم حکیم


This is the supreme controlling body of the Party. The Executive Council consisting of eight members (4 men + 4 women) has been nominated through consultations, recommendations and consensus among founding members. They are those popularly known and recognized for their life long commitment to Quranic Mission with a history of sincere efforts in this direction, possessing excellence in understanding its core ideology. This Council will oversee and control the overall functioning of the Party. It will conduct Party’s first internal elections in order to allot responsible executive positions in the hierarchy of leadership. It is also responsible for resources generation, collection, allocation and proper mobilization thereof, according to the requirements of Party’s Constitution.


We have inherited a stagnant history. The legacy of suppression, plunder and exploitation left behind by our foreign rulers still

Quran shall Stop Lawlenesses

dominates. The present ruling elite consist of old lackeys of former foreign masters, and their descendents. Their feudal backgrounds with vast land holdings as well as predominantly tribal traditions help them in securing enough votes from subjugated rural populations, thereby perpetuating their power base and their dominance over legislative positions in the assemblies. Thus they maintain their supremacy over the political scene under the garb of democracy. There style of ruling is that of autocratic tyrants and is defined by exploitation of masses, blatant plunder of national resources and amassing of incalculable wealth at home and abroad. This style of governance has caused worst kind of corruption to prevail throughout the length and breadth of the homeland in every sphere of national activity and economy, whether public or private. Monopolies and cartels are ruling the trading field and the basic essential food items are hoarded and black marketed with the blessings and the participation of our rulers. While the public suffers from exorbitant prices of commodities and basic utilities, the monster of unemployment, shortages of essential consumables, cruel taxation, blatant disregard of merit, total lack of support in education, health and housing sectors. The society is still young and full of talent and enthusiasm, but no opportunities for human development and for securing a better standard of living are afforded by the ruling class. Their brutal stranglehold is the main cause of flight of talent and capital from our motherland to western societies.

JANNAT PAKISTAN PARTY solemnly promises to reclaim every inch of the land of Pakistan from Vaderas. We shall launch an emergency campaign to remedy the above situation in a matter of a few months, and deliver the basic needs to every citizen of our homeland without resorting to any pretexts and excuses. The Party believes in the great potential of our land and its people and declares its firm conviction that enough resources are being generated presently to feed every mouth, educate every child, and employ every job-seeker within a short span of time.



5 thoughts on “Who we are

    1. Asarulislam Post author

      ASARULISLAM’S RESPONSE: QUWWAT E AKHUWWAT E AWAM is a very strong power. Together we shall liberate Pakistan from JAHILIYYA and bring Enlightenment and a rule of law. Sabeel Allah promises equal shares of the wealth of Pakistan.

  1. Finder of the truth

    Sir, once again, thank you very much for your kind and quick response, but I think I may not have been very clear with my questions.

    1. what do you have in your party which other parties lack, or how is your party different or better from them? ( like Jamat-e-islami, TJP, PSPP, JUI, Tanzeem Islam etc.)

    2. Sir, when I wrote about dealing with different sects in Pakistan, I meant about their ways of interpretation of Quran and their ways of establishing Islam in Pakistan, because they also claim that whatever they are saying is proved from Quran.

    ASARULISLAM’S RESPONSE: The Message of Quran is so clear and succinct. If USA and European nations can build their countries by benefiting from the Light of the Quran, we can too. These nations broke their idols of worship. Once we read the Message of Quran to the Pakistani nation, they too shall follow the path of prosperity. Please listen to my talks on Internet and I-Tunes. I have far more hours of talks on the Social Media than any other political leader of Pakistan. Thank You.

  2. Finder of the truth

    You have mentioned a lot about Quran, and everthing here is about Islam, equality, and things related to that. But unfotunately, I couldn’t find anything about Prophet Muhammad or his way of living life.

    Can you please clear where does the sunnah stand in your party, and what is your stand on the way of Prophet Muhammad.

    ASARULISLAM’S SYED’S RESPONSE: WE are the Sunnah Followers. What else is Sunnah but to follow the Path of the Prophet in establishing his Mission—the Quran. The Prophet did not leave any STATUE or a bust of himself because HERO WORSHIP misleads a nation away from the pursuits of Truth. Those who have created a STATUE of Prophet Muhammad have doomed Islam.

    1. Finder of the truth

      Sir, thankyou very much for the quick response. It is nice to know that you are followers of the sunnah, and you are trying to establish the state where Quran will be define the law.

      Unfortunately same is being said by the people who are in ruling positions and most of them are also having their roots outside the country. If they don’t have the roots then they already have the way to get out of the country by the time there power time is finished.

      The question is that how can we trust anyone, when someone say’s that we want to establish Islam ?

      If we look at the big names in Pakistan trying to establish Quran like Jamat-e-islami, TJP, PSPP, JUI, Tanzeem Islam etc etc. They have been working for long time to do the same but have not achieved any effective results.

      Next question is that what do you have in your party which these people lack, or how is your party different from them?

      My next question will be that how are you planning to deal with different sects in Pakistan namely Hanafi, Shafi, Shia, Braveli etc.

      I am just trying to clear my concept about your party.

      ASARULISLAM’S RESPONSE: We are taking guidance form Quran as to how it eradicated sectarian issues. The Quran is very clear in every issue we face. Regarding sects, political parties, etcs, the Quran advocates that all issues will be resolved through establishing SABEEL ALLAH, the guaranteed solution to human SOCIO-ECONOMIC ISSUE. When the State Promises socio economic security to Shias, Sunnis, Hindus, Christians and Jews, we shall all be one.

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