One thought on “Amir Jannat Pakistan: First and Foremost a Servant of Allah

  1. liaquat J Samma

    Quran should guide us in changing the present system of govt. in Pakistan. The leader or ameer, the ruler should be elected by the people instead of self appointed one. The califs were also elected by thr chiefs and supported by others, I like the idea of JPP as its guiding force is Quran But all need to unders Quran rightly in the context of the suras and the sections wih the linguistic and thematic principles of Arabic of those days, My research finds that Quran is greatly and mostly misunderstood, Then Muslims will apply it rightly. The sovereign will be Quran and its guidance. All others will work according to the Quran like servants. At present, the parliamentary system cannot be changed till a two third majority decides some other system. The can be reformed by getting enough support. I offer my help and support in this excellent effort. No other Party talks about Quran as the only guide, It is so called Hadees or Sunna against the Quran that has miguided us.

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