One thought on “Jashne Azaadi 2012 Mubarrak

  1. MAK Yousufzai

    Sir, you have excelled in the Art of Oratory. This speech has surpassed all the previous ones. Each and every word is going to have an everlasting impact and is soon to bring about an unextinguishable flair for a sincere and endless struggle across the land. Zinda baad SABEELILLAH, Zindabaad the system of SALAAM CARD.
    The national anthem in the end had a profound inspirational effect.
    God bless you Sir.
    نگہ بلند سخن دلنواز جانِ پر سوز
    یہی ہے رختِ سفر میر کارواں کے لیے

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