Who are the promoters of Tahir ul Qadri?
A professional priest and a habitual liar with claims to have “visions” of the Prophet in his dreams, he has built a massive following of devotees and has established a world wide network of his Evangelical Islam. His organization Minhaj ul Quran International also known as MQI has lot of supporters including newly Christian converts to Islam. Now a Canadian citizen, Tahir ul Qadri has vaulting political ambitions. In December of 2012 he returned to Pakistan, mustered an uprising, emerging with his followers ” to create another Tahrir Square.” On January 14, 2013, he organized a Long March in Islamabad, a stand off that shook Islamabad and the Government of Pakistan whom he claimed to have taken as hostage. After 5 days, the stand off was negotiated privately. A darling of the Christian Church, Tahir ul Qadri is being proclaimed as a notable Islamic Religious Scholar and a candidate for Nobel Peace Prize. He is best known for his 2010 Anti-Terrorism Fatwa, his DECLARATION OF LONDON. It is indeed great to see that he condemns terrorism and religious extremism, and it is indeed great to see the emergence of non-violence, ‘interfaith’ dialogue and religious tolerance. So far so good but he is a lot more. Imperialist powers have long awaited the arrival of a Messiah of Islam who will project Islam as a mantra of superstitious rituals and rites, formally establishing the institution of priesthood in Islam. Imperialist powers have long felt a need for a Church of Islam which, like Christianity, has a Pope whose edict is perceived by the Muslims as word of God. With a priestly ulterior motives, he is set on a mission to subvert the emergence of political Islam, promoting a new cult of Sufi Islam. He has thousands of followers, all coming from the newly rich middle class of Saudi-gulf returned Pakistanis. But who is behind all of this?


  1. nenita

    Hi, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any assistance is very much appreciated.

  2. waseela begum

    I must say that this world contains many bad persons who says anything for popularity!!!!!!!
    May allah(swt) give us more and true knowledge!!!!!!
    Shaitan is very bad who changes our “Aqeeda” at thee last moment also…
    So all d day and ni8 v should pray fr that!!!

    May allah give us saheen aqeeda like “Imam hussain and hassan(ra)..

  3. honeya sheikh

    Kya hua kya sab ku?????????
    Hamare taher ul quadri saab k pichcha kyun????
    ASARULISLAM’S RESPONSE: Aap koi khwab to nahin dekh rahi behen? Unn ke peechay Imperialist parr gaye hein, unn ke peechay hum nahin.

  4. Kashif

    Dr Asarulislam,you mentioned in your speech that Dr Qadri preaches religion not deen. I think you have not studied Dr Qadri much. Dr Qadri have written 1000 books and a lot of books topics are in science. In MQI university they teach science with religious education and that’s why i follow Dr Qadri because from his teaching i learnt how to spend way of life not only religion. For example Tablighi jamaat and dawet e islami teach religion, i got to say i totally disagree with you that Dr Qadri teaches only religion but not deen, Dr Qadri is very different then typical molvis.
    Regarding that, america or other international powers are behind him then i want to know that why didn’t international media showed Dr Qadri’s march positively. International media kind of ignored his march so that means USA or UK is not behind him. His agenda will make Pakistani electoral corruption free.
    According to you Imran Khan is drama as well than who is sincere in your eyes, Zardari and Nawaz.
    I have listened first 46min of this speech and in these 46mins Dr Asarulislam’s argument is very illogical you gave irrelevant examples in the beginning about psych patients.
    With due all respect sir, i think i wasted my 46 mins listening to you.

    1. Asarulislam Post author

      Asarulislam’s Response: Thanks for listening to the first 46 minutes of my talk. I am sorry for having offended you.I hope you understand that Ahmediyya have also been preaching the same cult of rituals and modernization. Quran is so simple a message—Equality under the Law of Allah unifies all nations. Once again, I apologize for having hurt your feelings.

    2. Zubed Bhatti Makhdoom

      Tahir ul qadri ……under the shadow of qadriat and taking the name of prophet pbuh…..he has exploited the religion unsurpassed by anyone……And people like your goodself under the influence of one,s inner innocense fall trapped in the clutches of reliogios circus jugglers………you people have all but BRAINS

  5. M.A.K. Yousufzai

    Mr. Tahir Al-Qadri’s political ambitions are well known since last 2 decades. Having acquired the authentic status of a SAINT in the recent past, his greedy self did not feel satisfied and contented. His lust for more power and his old passion for politics transcended the borders of spirituality and, violating the norms of sanity on that lofty pedestal, he took a u-turn towards the mean worldly power game and physical domination over land and resources, revealing himself as a leader of men and a Messiah for the nation.

    He played a big Long March drama with full pomp and arrogance, remonstrated with the ruling mafia, threatened them frequently, then realizing the limits of endurance of the mob he was directing in the merciless chill of Islamabad weather, negotiated a hasty settlement which culminated solely in glorifying his ego as a self-styled Pope or Sheikh ul Islam. Any interim set up in Government, viz-a-viz the coming elections, will now be subjected to his blessings mandatorily, or at least he thinks so. The last long march in the near past, conducted by Mr. Nawaz Sharif, had also served purely personal egoistic designs.

    We bitterly regret that so many precious hours and such great hardships suffered by lakhs of men, women and children, have been wasted in self-gratification – – so many opportunities neglected, which, rightly utilized, would have secured for our people their inviolable right to live a life of peace, security, opulence, fulfillment and progress.

    The big hoax, as per our traditions, did not take one step further in solving the countless miseries and insurmountable difficulties the Pakistani folks are facing day in and day out. Killing gangs still roam freely, hoarding and blackmarketing continues unabated, prices skyrocket daily, Atta reaches Rs.45/- a kilo, Dollar at almost Rs.100/-, 10 crore Pakistanis eating only once in 24 hours, unemployment ever on the increase, fuel scarce, its prices unbearable, no electricity, no gas, no shelter for crores of Pakistanis and no self esteem or dignity for the ruthless ruling gang.

    Unfortunately, the long-term outlook for the general public remains bleak after Mr. Qadri’s monumental long march. And it goes a long way in proving that he was not driven by humanistic passion, sincere commitment or profound learning.

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